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My Ugly Mug

Videos scare me:

I have never done a YouTube video or music video before.  Part of it has to do with my belief that weight loss is just around the corner and thus vanity, but below that there is also a fear that I won’t be any good.  Oddly this is a fear I don’t have when I am writing and releasing music, where I seem to relish the idea that it won’t be liked and plow on regardless.  I do on the other hand release music under a moniker (The Great Unfinished…) and don’t like including my face in the artwork or my website, so maybe that's the answer.

I’ve never been happy with fear though and always pushed myself out of my comfort zone. This has led to some monumental failures, but it’s also been the reason why I am not paralyzed by anxiety on a daily basis.  I have complex PTSD which would rule my life if I let it but fear of being crippled by anxiety is more powerful than being anxious for me.  I suppose everyone has this to a certain extent?

Anyway, that was a preamble rather than the main point of this blog.  Over the last week, I have tidied my studio, got my video camera back from my brother in law, recorded a YouTube into video, written and recorded my intro music, and planned out some content which I want to cover.  In short I have gotten myself to the edge, and I’m pushing myself over.  Preparation is now becoming procrastination, which I hate, so I need to get my ugly mug in front of the camera. 

Here is the plan for the videos:

· Regular beginner recording tips including; what equipment your need, how to use Direct Audio Workstations (DAWs) to record, how to use easy to use plugins etc

· Beginner songwriting lessons including; song structure, instrument layering, vocal melodies, tension and release, call and response etc

· Guitar, Amp, and Pedal reviews covering the extensive collection of gear I’ve managed to accumulate in my previous procrastination stages

This isn’t exactly groundbreaking content, so the challenge will be being as good as what is already available on YouTube and adding some personal ‘flair’.  I suppose this is where the self-doubt creeps in.

Watch this space and I will add my videos to a tab on the website.  Let me know what you think regardless, I welcome all feedback.


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