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The music of my youth

As a young child I loved the radio pop and rock of the late 70s and early 80s, but my fondest musical memories from the limited amount of tapes my parents played in the car was from listening to The Eagles, Dire Straits and Queen. My love of Queen especially led me into heavier rock and metal, in my early teens my favourite bands were Guns N’ Roses, MetallicaIron Maiden and Aerosmith. This led to my love of Grunge like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Stone Temple Pilots and Soundgarden, Metal like White ZombiePantera, and Rage Against the Machine, which in turn was overlapped by the new punk movement set in motion from Green Day and The Offspring.  Punk was a particular draw for me, as it was finally music I could play.  Let’s face it, the guitar is a lot easier than the big rock bands of my childhood.  My favourite bands from that era are still Bad ReligionNOFXGreen Day and Rancid.  Through this I was also fanatically following the British rock scene, starting with the Almighty and Therapy?, and leading to TerrorvisionKerbdog, Paradise Lost and the musical love of my life The Wildhearts.  I still love every one of the bands mentioned and although I still passionately seek out new music, my era in my heart is still definitely the 90s.

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